Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shin Koo Hapkido

I am no longer teaching Hapkido.

I am a current student of Lincoln Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center and would encourage anyone to check it out.  They have both adult and kid classes.

You can also check out Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo, in my opinion they have the best Taekwondo instructors in this area. 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27th

Finally got back to some Hapkido this morning with Anand and we did quite a bit in a short amount of time.  I had us warm-up with the jointlock turn taking flow drill.  Then we did my version of 3 step sparring, basically defending against 3 random attacks as proficiently as possible with locks and strikes. 

The main course of the class was weapon on weapon defense for which I chose knife and short stick.  What we did was very basic of striking the hand with the knife and then following it up with another strike.  Not too many locks but they would come out every now and again.  Then we would switch which hand the knife was in or which hand the stick was in to get broaden the exercise.  We had a little discussion about defending one's self with weapons which may lead to a little research into NE self defense laws.

To finish up the class we did recovery from a Judo throw.  I showed two ways to work back to an open guard as soon as the throw was over.  Anand was pretty pleased with this as it wasn't a concept that he had worked on previously.  We did some shrimping and butt scooting individually to get some of the concepts more ingrained and then we threw each other around and did our best to apply the concepts.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6th

Ben and Anand were in attendance this morning and both had to leave early, so it kind of screwed up my internal class planning clock.  I had planned on making the class about competition type games and then some weapon on weapon defense. 

We ended up doing most of the first part.  I setup the timer and we did some push/pull exercises, some thai pummeling, some wrestling pummeling, then some against the wall pummeling/control.  With Ben's wrestling experience he was better than the two of us at some things.  This is good because I like to be challenged.

With 15 minutes left I decided to work on some ground fighting instead of going into a topic like weapon on weapon defense.  Ben asked for half guard and I showed how to get an underhook and the most basic sweep hooking the shin of the free leg.  The sweep seemed a little complicated to teach too quickly, I should have taught moving to back mount instead.  After Ben left I showed Anand a kimura and guillotine choke from bottom half guard.

Monday, February 4, 2013

February 2nd

Mike and Craig were both in attendance this past Saturday.  I slightly injured my left knee again the day before so I was taking it as easily as I could.  I suggested back mount as that is the easiest position for me.  We reviewed several of the chokes that we worked on in Jiu-Jitsu last week.  I showed them the knee mount choke with a half nelson that was new to me and the guys seemed to like.

After that we rolled and I played a lot of guard and prevented injuring myself any further.  We took a couple of things that came up like mount retention and going for a submission and then rolled some more.

We did jointlock flows with 3 techniques a piece.  This ended up being pretty interesting as we ended up on the ground quite a few times.  So it got quite lively.  After that we worked on some get in your face responses and then some one handed techniques .

Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26th

It was just Kori and I today so I gave her a crash course in basic ground fighting.  The majority of it had to do with escaping side mount.  We started out with various shrimping exercises up and down the floor and then applied them to escaping.  We also worked on reversals from mount.  I then led her through some practical application to help her make some connections.

We did the same jointlock flow exercise that Anand and I did on Wednesday with taking turns.  Kori had quite a few finger locks in her arsenal which were quite effective for her.  I may have to dig up a DVD that I have with some of these on there to review.

After that I showed her a few of the knife defenses that I usually teach first.  Some stab defenses with elbow break/shoulder throw and an armdrag.  Then we worked on some defenses from overhead stab.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 23rd - Kicking Obscurely

Ben and Anand attended class this morning.  I got in my head on the way there that we should work on some of the obscure Hapkido kicks.  My instructor used to do these every once in a while to break things up.  They are best done with a pair of combat boots with a protruding heel.  They are all aimed at the knee or shin and require some practice to not hurt your partner when practicing.  I only had them do 3 different kicks and will save the supported kicks for a different class.  The heel roundhouse kick, the twist kick, the low twist kick with the heel as well as with a little hop.  We did some more active drills with grabbing and getting in close and using these kicks.

Ben had to take off to get to work and I decided to work on jointlock slow flowing.  I've done this more with ground fighting where partners take turns submitting each other with the most practical technique possible with little resistance from the other person.  For instance I would do an armbar and then Anand would tap and I would ease up a bit and then he would escape or reverse my jointlock and then perform his own like a wrist throw, then I would take my turn and so on.  For the most part we flowed pretty well there were only a couple of times when either of us got stumped and I gave Anand a few pointers now and again.

We then took that exercise to the ground.  Here I had to help him out quiet a bit more but I think it was a great experience for him as he could connect some dots as to what he should be doing in a given situation.  A lot of the pointers I gave were about body position and putting pressure down on the opponent.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16th - Morning

Just Anand and I this morning.  He was actually having some knee trouble and had to leave early so I decided to just do a jointlock technique day.  I started off doing an arm drag as a kind of warm-up to get the blood flowing.  I then changed it into a bicep armbar, which Anand appeared to be unfamiliar with.  This led to me talking about it being used also as a one handed technique which led us to working on one handed techniques. 

I tend to look at these techniques more as a way to improve techniques done with two hands.  If you can do these techniques effectively one handed then two hands should be all the more effective.  There are quite a few little details that I've discovered while practicing these that help quite a bit.  Sometimes in place of the missing hand I would use my forehead or jaw to help tuck their arm in to the lock.  We went over most of the ones I could remember.  Armbar, Armbar #2, Step Under Twisting Lock, hammer-lock, goose-neck, shoulder throws, etc.  Anand seem to enjoy it.

I wonder if this would be a good way to teach basic techniques.  While teaching say an armbar maybe show it the normal way and have them do it a couple times then have them do it one handed for a while.  Once they are comfortable with that give them two hands back and see if it is much easier to get the technique.  I may experiment on Saturday.